The Forest Hill Reading Clinic

310 Rushton Rd,
York, ON M6C 2X9
Tel: 613-513-5015

The Founder of The Forest Hill Reading Clinic

After a rewarding career as a state (Toronto District School Board) and private school (Upper Canada College) teacher and with years of experience as an international school principal, Judith Dennison, has returned to Canada to devote her life to working with students who process language differently. These students are labelled Dyslexic, ADD, ADHD and sometimes identified as slow learners. All of them have difficulty Reading, Writing and Spelling. Some have difficulty actually printing their letters. Because of her interest in these children Judith has trained as an Academic Therapist in the Remediation Plus (Orton-Gillingham Derived) System of teaching students how to read.

Academic Background

Judith's academic background is well-suited to this program. She holds her Principal's Qualifications from OISE and Hons. B.A. in Modern Languages from the University of Toronto; a teaching diploma from Toronto Teacher's College and Ontario Certification in Special Education, English As A Second Language and French As A Second Language. Judith also has International Baccalaureate Certification in the Primary Years Program and Middle School Co-ordinator's Program. She is certified as a Master Teacher in The Remediation Plus System of Research-Based Reading.

Judith's experience spans 26 years as an Elementary and Middle School teacher in Toronto and 7 years as an international school principal. She is a member in good standing of The Ontario College of Teachers and a passionate advocate of literacy as a right for all individuals.