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Remediation Plus System of Reading

The Remediation Plus (Orton-Gillingham Derived) System offered at The Forest Hill Reading Clinic, is an explicit, teacher-led, science-based, research-based and multisensory method of retraining the brain to enable students with reading difficulties to overcome them. It is grounded in the teaching of phonemes as a first step before introducing phonics. Within the space of 24, one-hour sessions a pre-speller shows a grade level of improvement and can usually achieve his/her own grade level of reading fluency within 3-6 months of training.

The Forest Hill Reading Clinic offers one-to-one instruction using the Remediation Plus (Orton-Gillingham Derived) System for one hour, on a daily, bi-weekly or weekly basis, depending on the academic needs of the individual student.

This System Is:
  • teacher led
  • explicit
  • systematic
  • science-based
  • research-based
  • accountable
Students Who Benefit:
  • students having difficulty reading, writing, and spelling
  • students identified as dyslexic
  • students identified as Attention Deficit
  • emergent readers (kindergarten)
  • English as a Second Language learners
  • adults who cannot read

The Clinic also offers small group, advanced. literacy programs as well as SSAT preparation for entrance to independent schools.

The Forest Hill Reading Clinic is located in Forest Hill, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

For more information regarding schedule and fees please contact Judith Dennison at 416 516 2842.

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